Our kennel has an official status, registered in Belgium in the International Canine Organization (FCI), part of the RCF, registration number # 9252.

Kennel SHERIFF AGA specializes in breeding the Central Asian Shepherd (Turkmen Alabai).
All Central Asian Shepherd Dogs kennel are very large powerful representatives of the breed, with excellent bone structure and very beautiful breed heads. It is also important that the dog kennel possess not only excellent conformation data, but also typical (characteristic) for Asians behavior, well-balanced psyche.
Tribal CAO have been tested with the highest score T1, have certificates OKD - 2 and COP - 1.
Our dogs have titles: Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Champion, Champion RKF, RFSS, RFLS, OANKOO, RFOS, INTERCHAMPION, MultiChampion, etc. The exhibitions of international, national and regional level our pets many times were the owners of the honorary title of high-BOB.
Central Asian Shepherd Dog kennel has consistently given strong Exterior offspring. All exposed dogs in the ring have a stable estimate of not less than "excellent." Among our pupils have won the title Young Russian Champion, Russian Champion, Belarus, RKF Champion, winner of Best in Show, Best In Specialty Show. This certainly indicates a high level of offspring of our dogs. At present there is formation of livestock breeding center. We try to use in breeding dogs with valuable Turkmen blood.
For "outstanding achievements in breeding and exhibition business in 2007" was awarded the Diploma of the International Kennel Canine Organization.
Kennel is located 200 km from Moscow in an ecologically clean area. All dogs captive content but fully provided with the necessary exercise (walking in the fields, swimming). Nursery has its own vet, who oversees health of dogs and their proper development.
Kennel maintains a close relationship with the owners of puppies purchased from us. Anyone can always count on us for advice on education, the content of the puppies, the organization of their show career and providing high-quality forage.

In Turkmenistan, thoroughbred Alabai considered a national treasure, and forbidden to be exported from the country. We value these dogs as well as his honest name. Everyone who turns in our nursery and are guaranteed attention, support and honesty in all respects.

Sincerely  yours,
kennel manager SHERIFF AGA
cynologist, an expert on the breed (breeder,
specialist for the organization of tribal affairs)
                                             Elena Sineva


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